CAEP Desert Regional Consortium Draft Meeting Agenda
March 11, 2019
Location: RCOE – 47-336 Oasis Street, A-33
Time: 8:30 AM

Desert Regional Consortium Members:  

Dean Papas, COD

Jereme Weischedel, CVUSD – Vice-Chair

Larry Bellanich, DSUSD – Chair

Steve Pinning, PSUSD

Lucie M. Gonzalez, RCOE


Open Session

Call to Order: Roll Call – Time and Date:  

Establishment of a Quorum: 


Board Meeting Agenda: Pursuant to the Desert Regional Consortium Governance Plan, the consortium member’s relative voting power will be one vote for each member. A quorum is three members present. A majority of the quorum is necessary for approval of decisions. Votes will be voiced by stating yes or no. Abstentions will be noted. Votes will be recorded in the minutes, including the names of the members making and seconding the motion.

Approval/Addition to Agenda:

Motion:                                                       Second:   

Vote:  Yes:                                                  No:

There will be an allotment of time (up to 3 minutes per person) given to members of the public for comment. Additional time will be given to the voting members to consider public comments. After discussion, the executive voting committee will vote or agree to pull the item for a second reading if members feel more time is necessary.

Public Comments


8:40 am – 8:50 am – Pathways presentation – Christen Smith – College of the Desert


Agenda Items    

  1. Approve Agenda Minutes from December 10, 2018.

Motion:                                                     Second:

Vote:  Yes:                                                 No:   

  1. Approve new 2019-2020 CAEP Allocation and COLA. The COLA is $110,561.00 for a total DRC Allocation of $3,305,793.00.

Motion:                                                     Second:  

Vote:  Yes:                                                 No:   


  1. Reimburse Project Manager in the amount of $95.88 for renewal of DRC GoDaddy website.

Motion:                                                     Second:  

Vote:  Yes:                                                 No


  1. Discuss Draft DRC Three-Year Plan – Review additional information needed to complete report.
  1. Informational only – End of Quarter 3 – March 31
  1. Informational only Student Quarter 3 Data due in TOPSPro April 30.
  1. CAEP Consortium Three-Year Planning Guidance – Due May 2.
  1. CFAD’s for 2019-20 and 2020-21 Due in NOVA – May 2.
  1. Informational only – Quarter 3 2017-18 and 2018-19 Expenditure Reports due in NOVA – June 1.
  1. Data and Accountability Budget Revisions are Due – June 17.
  1. Final Data and Accountability Expense Report is Due – July 31.
  1. Informational only Data and Accountability Plan and Budget
  • Consortia must track all students in AEP areas regardless of funding via TOPSPro Enterprise for 2017-18. This means we are tracking students in the AEBG program areas funded by WIOA I, II, III, IV, College Apportionment, LCFF, Perkins, CALWORKs, Adult Jail funds and AEBG funds.
  • Beginning in 2018-19, Community College Districts will report in MIS for AEP, and K-12/COE will continue to report in TOPSPro. All WIOA II grantees will still report into TOPSPro.
  • Consortia must use the National Reporting System (NRS) approved instruments for measurable skills gains in AEP funded instruction (12 hours or more) in ABE, ASE, and ESL Consortia will follow WIOA I measurable skills gains for CTE (see the Measuring Our Success Report) that include occupational skill gain, and workforce readiness.
  • For Data and Accountability Funding- Changes may be made to the budget no later than June 17, 2019.
  • Final expenditure Due July 31, 2019.


  1. Informational only – All members must maintain:
  • Enrollment, attendance and student performance data.
  • If working in partnership with a member and/or partner, members shall maintain TOPSPro Enterprise data separate for all members involved.
  • Each member shall have a separate TOPSPro Enterprise account and ID.
  • If working in partnership with a member and/or partner, members shall have MOUs stating exactly what the data responsibility is for each member, as well as how invoice, transfer and/or expenditure of funds will occur for the members and/or partners.

  1. Informational only – Member Roundtable Updates.


 Next Meeting: April 8, 2019, RCOE – 47-336 Oasis Street, A-33