AEBG Steering Committee Meeting Agenda


January 8, 2018

8:30 am


  1. How to address and/or prioritize what we learned from DRC Summit:
  • How do we continue the progress in collaboration and better cohesiveness between DRC members; working in the right direction with industry services?
  • What can we do for the DRC to get the word out about what we are doing and where to target getting the word out, both individually and with increased marketing?
  • How can we be more collaborative and define where to cross-over with all efforts?
  • What can we do to get a better “sell” on benefits of going to adult school not only for GED, but for further education/vocational plans. Integration of education and training?
  • What stage is the DRC in the process of developing seamless transition from their respective institution to COD and/or their institution of high learning/work force?
  • Define what we can do for participants regarding orientations and organized counseling?
  • When can we invite partners to meet with DRC (during non-business meeting) to discuss plans on how to work together and expand on available options (calendar)?
  • Work on matching programs with what is happening in Coachella Valley.


     2. Informational only: January Due Dates:

  • January 20 – Final expenditure report for 2015-16 budget and Midterm Data and Accountability budget due to Project Manager.
  • January 31 – Student data due in TOPSpro.


  1. Informational only: The Third Annual AEBG Summit will take place at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Hotel on January 22-23, 2018. PINS have already been sent to members. Registration deadline: January 10, 2018.


  1. Informational only – Data and Accountability Plan and Budget
  • Consortia must track only students funded by AEBG for instruction and services via TOPSpro Enterprise.
  • Consortia must use the National Reporting System (NRS) approved instruments for measurable skills gains in AEBG funded instruction (12 hours or more) in ABE, ASE, and ESL.
  • Changes may be made to the budget no later than December 1, 2018.
  • Final expenditure is December 31, 2018


  1. Informational only – All members must maintain:
  • Enrollment, attendance and student performance data.
  • If working in partnership with a member and/or partner, members shall maintain TOPSpro Enterprise data separate for all members involved.
  • Each member shall have a separate TOPSpro Enterprise account and ID.
  • If working in partnership with a member and/or partner, members shall have MOUs stating exactly what the data responsibility is for each member, as well as how invoice, transfer and/or expenditure of funds will occur for the members and/or partners.


  1. Informational only – Member Roundtable Updates.


Next Meeting: Monday, February 12, 2018, RCOE – 47-336 Oasis Street, A-33